Goons Pizza & Beer

Our pizza is made of high quality Italian flour, freshly seasoned Italian tomatoes, top quality farm cheeses and Italian Grana Padano.
Our special recipe was invented with inspiration from the best pizzerias in New York,
Rome and Tel Aviv, so that you’ll be back for seconds in a snap.

גונס פיצה ובירה נתניה

The place where your pizza is served hot and the beer is always cold

Of course we offer more than just pizza, GOONS is a place where we resurrect the beauty
and charm of punk that passed away from this tech-full world.
So, the punks not dead, the doughs at its peak, the sauce is hot,
the cheese stretches, and the beer’s cold. Rock on.

Contact Us

Sun-Thu: 18:00-2:00
Fri: 12:00-17:30
Sat: One hour after shabbat

Kikar H’aatzmaut 8, Natania


Baruch Boaron 6, Hadera